Friday, May 16, 2008

What the Mind Creates the Hands Can Sell

Yep, you can own a piece of America for free ! Smarty... one inch ? Okay, so my suggestion to everyone who buys it is this... we all get together and put our one inch pieces on an adjoining area and use legos to design enough space whereas we could possibly use it as a time share vacation spot. Haha ! Now, if you are really ambitious, you could actually have a piece of the entire universe according to this seller. Now, why couldn't I think of that. Overhead equals zero. There are no capital investments. Very creative minds at work here. Oh, I thought the same thing about painted rocks but I've come up with a cute idea of my own and it's cheaper and quicker. I just add plastic eye balls to any rocks and I had, at one time, over 100 of them stacked against the outside wall of my cordwood home in the mountains. No, I don't care if you steal the idea. They seem to take on a personality of their own once the various size eyes are added. They actually have expressions. :)
Anyway, there's a lot of other people out there with some awesome, yet, much ignored inventions and ideas for stuff. Thought you might not have seen Wacky Inventions yet. Hey, you never know... one idea can lead to others. Like Newton said " Energy is never destroyed, only transferred from one mind to the next ". Something like that anyhow. Just one more thing. Nobody should ever neglect to sign up for Ehow's newsletter. I find all kinds of great ideas in there. If you're interested in finding an idea for something to sell, try something to do with t-shirts, for example. Something everyone on the planet uses at some time or other. This article describes how to design your own shirts using spray paint.
Need to get your creative juices flowing and can't come up with anything constructive, just tap into the internet.
If you click on the link to this blog entry you will see a few of the crafts I've done. It's just a handful and I'm not selling online. I just needed a place to store some of my pics and tell others how to do them. It's free.

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