Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogs I Actually Read Part 3

Take a look on my side bar and scroll down to where my list of " My Kind of People " is and you'll find Ridge Walker on there. At the top of the side bar you'll notice a scrolling widget from Rate It All which is where I met him. His blog is worth the read. He's intelegent and witty and filled with good advice.
I think I met Mari-Lyn from http://www.heartatworkonline.org/wp-marketing/ through Technorati. At any rate, if you are at all into making and/or selling crafts you'll find her blog as well as her main site both interesting and informative.
You bet I read Jack's posts at the Cafferty File. Always a good idea to keep up with the demogogues and I happen to love the guy's sense of sarcasm which at times can be mistaken for something more intense. ;)
Speaking of demogogues, Defense Tech could not make things much clearer and you won't have to read much if any political material in between. Very up to date reads.
Makezine is more than just any old techy blog. It's the latest and greatest and some of the most difficult to understand material you may or may not want to read of. I happen to love it... even the parts I don't comprehend.
Don't be without the Search Engine Journal if you have any interest at all about online life. Here's a link to the post that first caught my attention... 125 Social Bookmarking Sites.
You'll find a slew of interesting articles at Neatarama. The topics are varied and well written. Something there for everyone.

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