Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Crap

Every now and then I like to mess araound with some differrent site builders and come up with an article that is too lengthy for a blog post. Bravehost is pretty cool, although some of their templates are a bit tricky. Remember to stick to a suitable font for any given template or you may wind up with some problems as can be seen in the Phone Zone. The first one I did in Bravenet didn't turn out all that bad as far as viewable goes and that's the one I wanted to discuss here.

I consider myself to be a fairly observant person and cannot help commenting on the kinds of things people are hung up on. The main one I noticed ever since I was a child is the bathroom or potty area of the home. Seems we have to assess every conceivable element of this particular room, from the decor to the brand of tissue. So, go amuse yourself with a read about America's obsession with the throne. :)

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