Sunday, April 13, 2008


George definitely has a tendency to over explain and over describe in this material. In fact the situations and atmosphere he is writing of seem married to the very style and pattern as seen on pages 45 and 46 where Syme is talking about the " 11th Edition ". If that dictionary had actually existed, so stripped of so called unnecessary words, " 1984 " would have been about 1 tenth the volume it is. My love of words made that the saddest part of the entire book. It seemed contrary that he should add a situation about the loss of words when he was so overbearing with vocabulary. He could have lost at least half the definitions, explanations and descriptions and it would have still kept the story line impressive.
If something written in 1949 could carry attention well into the 70s and beyond, it has something. In this case many considered it to be prophetic and to date, some of the quotes remain as we find more surveilance and other forms of " spying " around these days.
Although a few mistakes can be found, he did a fairly good job of keeping the fictional facts? organized and in sync.
What I give him the most as an admirable attribute is this... it is difficult to create an entire reality within the confines of the imagination and turn it into something conceivable to the readers. This book had a tremendous impact on so many people. It nearly scared some people out of their skin and fueled most of the cults of the 20th century in one way or another.
Since Orwell was, for the most part, a pollitical writer, my oppinion is he probably did not consider this work to be completely fiction.
Of course I read it before. I read it back in the 70s along with millions of other teens but didn't place as much emphasis on it as what we had to look forward to as many of my friends and acquaintances. What can I say? It only became popular after the Hippie Days. Peace, love and happiness was suppose to be tailed with a wind of government deception and communist control.
Sad... the point he tried to convey as dispicable is readily accepted today as the means to an end of bitterness, hatred, predjudice and war. One worldism will solve all the problems, eh? WWO as it's called is the answer to world peace. Far as I can remember, God says when everyone cries " peace, peace! ", there will be no peace. WWO is just another word for communism.
He was a very contrary man and from what I've read about his life, he hated traits in others which he actually held dear in his own soul.

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