Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting the Most from Your Martial Arts

These are the four genuine characters of Kung Fu philosophy. It is not about how adequate you are at administering pain. It is not about being the tough guy/girl. It is about respect, dignity, courage, fairness and honesty. All of the original Martial Arts were founded on the same principles. That is to improve the well being of the mind, body and spirit in synchronization. For the excessively overweight or anyone, whether it be man, woman or child who has health issues, it is generally wise to consult a physician before joining activities such as these. For many people, it is better to get in better physical shape first with other less cardio activities like Yoga before attempting the Martial Arts of any kind. The arts build not only muscle tone but self confidence and unlike most other exercises they are used as a self defense practice as well. Kung Fu teaches balance of your entire self. It is best used in a contemplative way… learning how to apply the principles to all areas of your life. Contrary to popular belief, Kung Fu does NOT interfere with your religion of choice, nor do the instructors, ( at least in the US ), make any attempt to coerce you in any spiritual direction whatsoever. If you encounter one who uses tactics like this, it is better to continue your program elsewhere. Kung Fu is one of the most sought after teachings of all the Martial Arts and with good reason. Apply it properly and you will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from what you have learned. :)
There are a good many e books on the market which relate to this subject but most of them are nor free for the taking. Here's a link to a book called " Grappling ". If you find this information usefull there is link where you can sign up to receive a sequence to it. I am fairly certain that any subsequent books after that will require payment as this guy IS an expert in his field.

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