Friday, December 7, 2007

Never too stuck on " politically correct "

I don't even know what to tell you except that I'm getting addicted to RSS now as I do with everything about the internet at first tries. Yeah, my last post was an article I loaded into Blogger from Newsgator which I've been using for a long time now to keep me updated on different subjects. Well, Idecided to finally hit the " blog this " button and after I posted that article, ( it was rather short but humorous ), I decided to make an attempt at creating my own widget for an RSS feed I watch. Well, this is what I came up with for my first attempt at it. As stated in the previous article... I hope it works. If it does then you can expect to watch it from the right side panel as well because I like the idea of picking and choosing what reads I'm interested in and, ( lots of smiles ), I love widgets. But I digress. The thing is that the side bars on your blogs are not suppose to look like mine... that is, messy. Well, I don't care neither! I've never been politically correct in my life. Why should I start now? As a matter of fact I think I'll soon add some more widgets and gadgets over there for other people like me who find them amusing. Grins!!! It's a wonderful life.

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