Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas from Dimensionality

So, here's my Christmas present to all of you. You don't have to spend a lot of money this year after all. I've found some great free resources for you.
For starters, you can send all your Christmas cards for free online. Here's a unique little program from Office Max where you can elf yourself and send the newly made photos as a greeting card. Go ahead and give it a try...
Begin the Elfamorphosis! And while you're at it, send a snowflake to someone... anyone, anywhere. You never have to talk to them again cause you won't even know who they are. It's always snowing somewhere! If Christmas and music are someone's 2 most favorite things in life, try sending them The Jukebox Christmas card! Here's some less elaborate but humorous ones for the sarcastics on your list... Hello Crazy! Now if you really HAVE to send them through the standard US mail, try some free stationary prints from Rainbow Graphics! Never, but never forget our wounded and recovering soldiers on your holiday mailing list. Tell them... " America Supports You! ". You can watch a video here called Christmas in the Trenches! You will never forget them after that. While you're doing some printing anyway, go see Mom's Break! There you will find printable cards, tags, paper, coloring pages for the kids and grandkids, etc. More printable Christams stuff from Activity Village! Like the Victorian look a bit better? Go check out All Things Christmas! They have gift certificates too. Still printing? Get out your iron on transfer paper and get ready to make your own Peace on Earth shirt! Now you can kick back and read some very special letters to Santa from kids like yours and mine at Email Santa!
We all know that December is the absolute worst month of the year for shopping so if you were smart, you would have been doing little bits of this blessed chore throughout the entire year but in the remote chance you did not apply this rule and are completely broke, try some of thes ideas. Here are some good gifts
Kids can Make! Go to E How to learn how to make candy canes for everyone! Enchanted Learning will show you how to make a pinata for all the youngsters to enjoy! One gift for all the little ones... how's that? If I were you, I'd change the monster theme though. You cansearch for more ideas at The Crafter's Community! You could always print out a child's very own coloring book right here at Preschool Coloring Book! They can call Santa for fre HERE!
Planning a party couldn't be simpler with these helpful pages for your viewing pleasure. Build a
Gingerbread House! Preserve it! Make some Gingerbread Baby masks for the kids to go with the houses. Jan Brett is awesome! She will also tell you how to decorate your tree on a shoestring budget! And Crat Ideas will show you how to top it! Now comes the tech part. Watch this video! Is that cool or what? Want to learn how? Go check out Wiki How! Oh, you may need to untangle last year's lights first!
Organise Tips will show you how to
plan your party! You'll need some games of course! Get some more terrific ideas at My Punchbowl! All Recipes will help with the menu! More fun activities at Back Manor! So long as your cable is working you can find a whole lot more at Activity TV but if not just log on here! Keep it all under control. Learn how to avoid family discord!
Homeschooling? Here's some activities for the special students in your life.
Education World!, ABC Teach!, and here's some Christmas History Lessons! This next video from Teacher Tube should show you just how much kids love Christmas and why! Cats love Christmas too! If you have kids in college, spreading around this news article might help improve the holiday for those not coming home to enjoy it with their families. Santa hat could improve campus mood! Take a look at these shots from Reuters to find out more about the hat that makes people happy! And here's a few stories from novice writers as myself. Christmas Miracle! & A Dateless Christmas!
If you still must make some purchases before the big day, might I suggest
Gadgettastic's top ten Geeky Presents! ? And you may be pennywise to read some reviews on the best department stores at Rate It All! There's some other Christmasy things in there to rate and review as well if you like. You can find me by my name in there... Sharon Parry. Put me on your trusted network and I'll make every attempt to make you feel at home there. For Heaven's sake, be more carefull next year and check out The Frugal Shopper's seasonal shopping list!
Here's tow of my most beloved Christmas stories...
A Christmas Carol!, and of course, Gift of the Magi! Here's something for the rappers who love Christmas!
More traditional minded people will prefer these. Nonstop, Christmas medley that would have made me stop for a
breath after the first minute! Olivia sings " Silent Night "! Nothing at all would be complete without a mention of the most watched television Christmas show of all times. Let Linus tell you what Christmas is really all about!
Which brings me soon to a close for this happy season of the year. I have a few comments of my own to make here. Yep,
I won't be buying from Old Navy this year! Thank you to whomever posted that article. I took great pleasure in adding my vote as I do not believe in anyone telling me what I should call something unless it truly IS disgracefull to someone. I have never been known for politically correct and I'm damned proud of it. Christmas IS about the Christ Child although He was not born but rather conceived at this time of year. Yes, I can document that but it's not important to me. Nor will I listen to the so called Christians who tell me I cannot have a Christmas tree in my home casue it's an abomination to The Lord. He calls Himself a Great Fir Tree. I don't worship the tree for goodness sake. How far will some people take things? Obviously there's others who feel the same way I do as THIS article will show you!
Now, I will leave you with my favorite Christmas song... very old but well done and treasured by many,
Bing singing White Christmas! Merry Christmas to all and peace on earth. Sherry

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