Monday, March 19, 2007

Recovery At It's Best

I just bet you thought I was going to talk about drug abuse, didn't you? Nope, not this round. I have something much more creative to talk about. ;)
I have to share this link with you but first I wanted to tell you why.
The authors of this site would have been happy if they received a bit of attention in a serious matter... Breast Cancer Awareness. Fact is that most of those who do have this dreaded disease will not know about it until it's past the point of medicine and into the stages of small to larger scale operations and everyone knows there is plenty of media coverage of case studies and philanthropy regarding the issues. I'm quite sure they had no idea in what other ways they would be helpful to their readers.
In coming up with a perfectly good use for an otherwise useless item, they are not only recycling. They are providing yet, another means of promoting a good cause. To boot, they have also provided us with some amusement, which I do not feel was intentional on their part. I suggest you read the article itself when you get there so you will know what all the "Ta Das" and "Oh nos" are about and then scroll down and read the comments. It goes to show how a perfectly thoughtful idea can turn into an explosion of traffic. And, all this without a second thought as to how it would have a mental effect on both the breast cancer patient and the potential volunteers. I am certain the majority of survivors will agree with me that the comments are worth the read as it tends to lighten the burden just a tad. I read each and every comment in there and had myself quite a chuckle. Go ahead and laugh your butt off. My comment is near the bottom. I signed it as usual... Peace, Sherry

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Chirp said...

LOL, that was funy reading some of those comments.The purse is a good idea and I don't know why so many people could find it offensive.I would make one myself if I could sew good enough.