Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Marvel of Mess

Well, maybe just some of the time. We all know that being too messy can make things hard to find, make us look bad when we receive company or clients, and generally make it impossible to keep things surface clean. What most of our anti-messy gurus would have you believe about clutter is not all true though.
The fact is that a certain amount of clutter is often an inspiration. While most of the inmportant "to dos" remain in plain site anyhow, those papers, gadgets and other items not so often used, if too well organised, will be over looked. The accidental finds can be of great value when least expected... that is, if we CAN find them.
I was recently reading about a book store in England where the guy doesn't organise anything and yet, he does better financially than his local Barnes & Nobel, not to mention two other book stores within a few miles of his local. His books are strewn all over floors, tables and shelves and nothing about his display method could possibly be considered alphabetical. The article I read did not mention this but I believe the secret to his success is that people love to treasure hunt. We naturally enjoy finding things, informational products included, which we were not neccessarily looking for and we think that someone else may have been. The most successful flea marketers, for instance, get there early and ask to look through the things which weren't unpacked yet. Why? Because it brings out the pirate in them.
A tendency towards piracy involves two processes. The first is the process of desire... the human part, the second is the search itself... the personality part. The reason this person sells more books is because while searching to fulfill a desire people often find accidental reads which appeal to their personality.
So, how does this apply to your life in general, you might ask? Well, is it not possible that you could find better use for the time you spend organising things? I bet you can! Most of us, at least in some part of our lives are way too concerned with WHERE things are rather than how we use them. How' bout you? Some of the items you would like to see hidden were meant to bring out the spontaneous self to view. Others were meant to be shared in a more material sense... as in " giving them to charity " or some similar out the door but not in the trash boot. I don't believe in throwing out anything which could be used by someone else. ;)
Only you can figure out what things to keep and what to hand over to someone else. Only you can decide at what point your organisational skills are becoming obsessive. Try to keep a healthy mental balance according to your unique personality, but, don't waste valuable time organising and reorganising. This also applies to your thinking process. Attempting to consistently put your ideas into a neat little pattern will eventually lead to a boring end product. At some point you will have to let go of the musings of the so called gurus of organising. Let the creativity flow at the pace that has "YOU" written all over it and don't let others shame you into doing it their way.

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